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Shots | Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited | Agriculture, Ontario, Canada

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Lakeside on YouTube | Fertility program

Photo of delicious apples grown in Ontario Canada using fertigation services

A1 | Apples


A2 | Peppers

Soybeans Fertigation

A3 | Soybeans fertigated


A3 | Celery

Fertigation Team at Lakeside

A4 | Team


A5 | People

Watermelon Consistency

A6 | Watermelon

Garlic Fertigation

A7 | Garlic fertigation setup

Grape Tomatoes Fertigation

A8 | Fertigated grape tomatoes

Grape Tomatoes Fresh

A9 | Grape tomatoes ripening consistent

Green Peppers

A10 | Quality peppers

New Plant Growth

A11 | Early

Consistent Pepper Crop

A12 | Consistent pepper crop

Roma Tomatoes grown in Ontario

A13 | Roma tomatoes

Green Peppers

A14 | Green peppers

Field of Onions

B1 | Onions

Soybeans fertigated

B2 | Soybeans fertigated

Fertigation garlic

B3 | Fertigation garlic


B3 | Squash

Onions consistency

B4 | Onions


B5 | Onions

People in agriculture

B6 | People

Pepper quality through fertigation

B7 | Pepper quality through fertigation

Green beans

B8 | Green beans fresh market fertigated on-time

Fertigated apples

B9 | Fertigated apples

Quality squash

B10 | Quality squash

Onion fertigated

B11 | Onion fertigated

Snap Beans

B12 | Snap beans fresh market

Crop Row

C1 | Shadow


C2 | Flower


C3 | People

Fertigated Apples

C4 | Fertigated apples


C5 | Grain


C6 | Watermelon

Triple set of cucumbers growing well

C7 | Triple set

Squash flower boron needed stage

C8 | Squash flower boron needed stage

Pole beans quality growth

C9 | Pole beans quality growth

Field of celery with pivot irrigation

C10 | Celery pivot irrigation

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