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Precision Fertilization

  • Developing a customized fertigation program for your crop
  • Analyzing your soil, water and crop data to meet your unique production requirements
  • Progressing with you for future agricultural sustainability

Lakeside Fertigation Model

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Fertility after transplanting in Vegetable Crops

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The 6 Step Lakeside Fertigation Model | Yield Increase with Quality Improvement by Cost Control



  • Soil Type
  • Soil Analysis
  • Yield Goal
  • Crop Growing Stage requirement

Irrigation Water

  • Proper Sampling of the water source
  • Water Analysis Report

Fertigation Program for the Season by Growing Stages

  • React with Adjustment through Tissue sampling

Seasonal Adjustments

  • Take Tissue Sample
  • Tissue Analysis
  • Program adjustments to reflect Growing Environment

Fertilizer Sourcing

  • Best fertilizer
  • Best fertilizer for your crop
  • Best cost

Tank mix injection rate

  • Fertilizer compatabiliy
  • Fertigation application rates
  • Injection rate

Yield Increase

Quality Improvement

Cost Control

The 6 Step Lakeside Fertigation Model

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Experience & technology for efficient application of nutrients

Data analysis with precision fertilization and custom application equipment

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Soil, Water, and Tissue Analysis

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Fertigation programs created for your specific crop needs

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Comprehensive Results and Reports

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Custom Application Equipment

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Hort/Orch Team

Proven Time and Again. Our experience with this technology is your assurance of success.

Friedhelm Hoffmann

Friedhelm Hoffmann, B.Sc. hons (Agr) Precision Ag Specialist

Fertigation, Food Safety & Compliance Advisor | Tel: 519-312-6842

I have been managing the production of field vegetables, cash crops and greenhouse crops for well over 25 years in both Europe and Ontario. Through my past experiences, I have implemented food safety programs, health & safety policies and procedures, and HR in both greenhouse & field production for various crops. I believe it is time to support the producer in this increasingly complex "compliant demanding world" to make it efficient and viable for a farm operation. Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited is an opportunity to share the experience.

Kevin Lewis

CCA-ON | Tel: 519-312-6834

I have been growing vegetables for more than 30 years. I started experimenting with fertilizer and irrigation systems 25 years ago. Through years of research and in-field development, I and others created a program that consistently increases both yield and quality, while significantly improving return on investment. I see an average of 20-30% yield increase in my vegetable crops year after year, depending on the crop. Now I want to bring my years of experience and knowledge to other growers with Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited.

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