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Precision Fertilization

  • Developing a customized fertigation program for your crop
  • Analyzing your soil, water and crop data to meet your unique production requirements
  • Progressing with you for future agricultural sustainability

Lakeside Fertigation Model

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Fertility after transplanting in Vegetable Crops

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The 6 Step Lakeside Fertigation Model | Yield Increase with Quality Improvement by Cost Control



  • Soil Type
  • Soil Analysis
  • Yield Goal
  • Crop Growing Stage requirement

Irrigation Water

  • Proper Sampling of the water source
  • Water Analysis Report

Fertigation Program for the Season by Growing Stages

  • React with Adjustment through Tissue sampling

Seasonal Adjustments

  • Take Tissue Sample
  • Tissue Analysis
  • Program adjustments to reflect Growing Environment

Fertilizer Sourcing

  • Best fertilizer
  • Best fertilizer for your crop
  • Best cost

Tank mix injection rate

  • Fertilizer compatabiliy
  • Fertigation application rates
  • Injection rate

Yield Increase

Quality Improvement

Cost Control

The 6 Step Lakeside Fertigation Model

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Experience & technology for efficient application of nutrients

Data analysis with precision fertilization and custom application equipment

Precision Ag Soil, Water, and Tissue Analysis - Nutrition for plant roots picture

Soil, Water, and Tissue Analysis

Fertigation programs with data analytics image - Science and Ag Technology

Fertigation programs created for your specific crop needs

Fertigation results and reports for healthy crops image

Comprehensive Results and Reports

Custom application equipment picture - Agriculture in Ontario

Custom Application Equipment

Work With Proven Experience | Let's talk about your Agriculture Business.

Product Spotlight

NK21 Fertilizer - Potassium and nitrate based, nutrient availability during cooler soil conditions image

Unleash your crop's potential

NK21 is a new, homogeneous 21-0-21 potassium and nitrate based fertilizer product that ensures nutrient availability during cooler soil conditions.

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Hort/Orch Team

Proven Time and Again. Our experience with this technology is your assurance of success.

Friedhelm Hoffmann

Friedhelm Hoffmann, B.Sc. hons (Agr) Precision Ag Specialist

Fertigation, Food Safety & Compliance Advisor | Tel: 519-312-6842

I have been managing the production of field vegetables, cash crops and greenhouse crops for well over 25 years in both Europe and Ontario. Through my past experiences, I have implemented food safety programs, health & safety policies and procedures, and HR in both greenhouse & field production for various crops. I believe it is time to support the producer in this increasingly complex "compliant demanding world" to make it efficient and viable for a farm operation. Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited is an opportunity to share the experience.

Kevin Lewis

CCA-ON | Tel: 519-312-6834

I have been growing vegetables for more than 30 years. I started experimenting with fertilizer and irrigation systems 25 years ago. Through years of research and in-field development, I and others created a program that consistently increases both yield and quality, while significantly improving return on investment. I see an average of 20-30% yield increase in my vegetable crops year after year, depending on the crop. Now I want to bring my years of experience and knowledge to other growers with Lakeside Grain & Feed Limited.

Nicole Arts

Crop Input Representative - Row and Horticulture Crops

Nicole Arts is a Crop Inputs Representative, operating out of the Petrolia branch. Nicole has been working at Lakeside since 2018 when she joined the company as a summer student. After completing her diploma at Seneca for Chemical Laboratory Technician, she accepted a full-time position at the Lakeside Petrolia branch in the spring of 2019. Over the past 4 years, Nicole has been servicing the producers and residents in the Lambton County area, representing the company at industry events, and working with the Precision Ag - Fertigation alongside her HortOrch team. Nicole's upbringing on the family farm, her connections to the farm community, and her laboratory training lends her a solid grip on the industry.

Anita Speers CCA-ON

Crop Input Representative - Row and Horticulture Crops, Orchard

Joining the Lakeside team in 2018, Anita works with fruit and vegetable producers who want to bring new, innovative practices to their farm. She is well-versed in designing chemical spray programs, collection and analysis of tissue and sap samples. Anita also strives to educate growers on how to interpret their soil samples and builds fertilizer recommendations based on soil needs and crop yield goals.

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